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Rayearthsenshi's Tokyo Mew Mew Tv Review

Tokyo Mew Mew

Rated: 7

Tokyo Mew Mew's presantation is nice. Though the show lacks originality the humor and drama is good. Pudding's mischief is funny and entertaining, and adds funny parts to the show. The dramatic fight and romance scenes can get you on the edge of your seat and make you flip the next page or get to the next episode.
The anime was adapted from the manga well, although some parts were added in or left out--but that's what you get with nearly every anime, right? Both anime and manga are good, though--I find it difficult to pick which one I like better.
Girls are the people who will be most attracted to the show (because of the bishounen, cute magical items, and the cute little robot Masha), but there are a few guys who got into Tokyo Mew Mew too.

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